e— reads aya dickinson on the new world

napowrimo prompt 5: rewrite a poem from emily dickinson with your own spacing and punctuation.

i did this, as well as adding some interjections from queen aya, who claims not to love dickinson.

now i knew
i lost her.

how tragic.

not that she was gone


but remoteness travelled on her face

ah. I know that look.

and tongue

lover, did you suck my tongue, before?

alien, though adjoining as a foreign race

the glymphot for example. the thrakzly. the shmardue.

traversed she, though pausing…
latitudeless place!
elements unaltered!

like gold but muted.
like fire but flameless.
a gentle knife,
a subtle wonder

universe? the same. but
love’s transmigration?

from where you are, to within me? like this?

somehow, this had come

come and become i daresay

henceforth to remember
nature took the day i had paid so much for

made of it a castle for lonely queens
made of it a prison for wounded hearts
made of it an art

(hers) is penury


not who toils for freedom
or for family

or anything outside of this room

but the restitution of idolatry.

i love it.
now – come worship me.