georgic prince, purple sea

Your Georgic could be a simple set of instructions on how to grow or care for something, but it could also incorporate larger themes as to how land should be used (or not used), or for what purposes.

to care for the black body
gather on either side and ask for nothing
touch the purple flowers, inhale the lavender
remember that a prince walked on dirt here
as well as clouds and water

remember there was a before
before police and jim crow
before migrating north
before prayers in cotton fields
before songs pressed together from strangers’ tongues
before the ocean was a graveyard
before the betrayal and hunting

tell the cow children how beautiful they are
and tell the stars they cannot distract you
from the beauty of the darkness

remember there will be a then
it is moving even now
a river through the soil
that has never seen the sun

be naked in the field
let your spine be naked in daylight
let everyone know
you love the orbit, the chaos
the green, the rolling and rolling hills
that all want to see the sea
and be the waves

press one cheek to the dirt path
then the other
whisper first and then yell
be unintelligible with your wild
be black, and be of the earth
feed your root system

let the medicine be earth
let your flesh become medicine
for all that’s coming