napowrimo poem 12: transcendence/bird

prompt is a “replacement” poem. Pick a common noun for a physical thing, for example, “desk” or “hat” or “bear,” and then pick one for something intangible, like “love” or “memories” or “aspiration.” Then Google your tangible noun, and find some sentences using it. Now, replace that tangible noun in those sentences with your intangible noun, and use those sentences to create (or inspire) a poem.

tangible noun: bird
intangible noun: transcendence

fright, passivity,
mourning, and beauty
are interwoven
with transcendence

transcendence has many vocalizations
it is the rarest warbler
oft perceived as a monster
recovered from near-extinction

considered sacred
thought of as thief
symbol of virtue
harbinger of war

female transcendence is muted
tho we migrate great distances,
defend our territory a whole season
camouflage provided by our plumage

we scavenge or mate…
among many socially monogamous species,
extra-pair copulation (infidelity) is common
…we are anomalous

this relationship is mutualistic,
cooperative honey-gathering
and we are the honeyguides
we are transcendence, deified

napowrimo poem 11: drunk in love

prompt: write about wine-and-love.

there there blurred morning
pouring too soon through
that sliver of window
and onto the mussed bed

hush please whisper

my night eyes north stars for you
now ink an early face
your mouth so soft, bruised
and pressed upon

murmurs to my neck

we knocked the stemmed glasses
from the table’s edge
you sweep up the shards
from the floor, laughing

we need no words

in the light, you are my intoxication
you the spinning room
the rose d’anjou
on my lips

now drink me again

napowrimo poem 10: Here Now

prompt: write your own advertisement-poem.

this was a challenging one, there isn’t much i like to pitch or sell. but i have lately been convinced of the value of landing completely in the present moment and letting it unveil everything. so here’s a pitch for here and now.

this Here Now
is the only place we know
we offer up parched cupped hands
take all we can
slip our scarce time into the slot
watch our tears come down and
so much laughter

this Here Now
is a subtle taste, oh let it grow
let us offer up our flesh hearts
feel all we can
let this hour press life through us
let us revel in this moment
now, and after

napowrimo poem 9: a song of song titles

prompt: take any random song play list (Spotify) and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem.

my song titles:
nirvana (sam smith)
who you are (jessie j)
lost queen (pharrell)
brand new (pharrell with justin timberlake)
i’ve told you now (sam smith)

i don’t know who you are
but i adore you
i loved who you were
and who you will be (x2)

vs 1:
really i am in my own world
you in yours
yours which i could never know

and i’ve told you so much
i’ve told you now
that i could never let go

enough to explain how i can feel
this and that
how i can feel the ego

1st bridge:
and every single thought
and the ancestors
and the memories
and i can feel forgiveness
and i can feel boundaries
and i can feel myself
a lost queen

and i don’t know who you are
but i adore you
i loved who you were
and who you will be

vs 2:
and maybe you are the prince
of some erotic city
because i blush when i write of you

how can i feel such nirvana
at your fingers
i am the record, you know what to do

whorls and whorls and whorls meet whorls
the epic scape of sounds
makes dreams come true

2nd bridge:
and you know where it is best
i repeat best i repeat
i am the record and you know best
i repeat i repeat
where it is best
best best best best
until i feel brand new

(and/no) i don’t know who you are
but i adore you
i loved who you were
and who you will be (x2)

3rd bridge:
until i’m crawling across the wood
until i’m seeking your scent
until i hunt you down like a stranger
a clairvoyant
a voyeur

(cause/no) i don’t know who you are
but i adore you
i loved who you were
and who you will be (x2)

napowrimo poem 8: rewrite of audre lorde’s now

prompt: rewrite a famous poem, giving it your own spin. i selected audre lorde’s Now as the poem to rewrite, because i am foolish and ambitious.

Woman power
Black power
Human power
always feeling
my heart beats
as my eyes open
as my hands move
as my mouth speaks

I am
are you


my magic
black magic
human magic
always dreaming
my heart’s next pulse
as i lean back onto ancestors
as i arch forward into vision
as my mouth sings

i am
are we


napowrimo poem 3: a charm for time travel

prompt: write a charm – a simple rhyming poem, in the style of a recipe-slash-nursery rhyme


    a charm for time travel

one sharp tooth’s bite
two breaths of nirvana
three moments after the fright
four flora, five fauna

six hush hush nows
seven roses, declawed
eight pinches of desperate vows
nine wishbones, gnawed

ten recently banished fears
eleven slivers of coming joy
twelve minutes that feel like years
no artifice, no ploy

place all this upon your tongue
and close up your perfect lips
when you swallow, you’ll be young
time is a found record that skips

as go the birds

wrote this odd little poem in iowa and it keeps tripping through my mind. thought i’d share it:

so many there’s birds
float flying past my
seventh story window
in the grey of dead winter, in iowa,
(my first such grey)
delectable alone, and yet
with, in relation to,
others they go

all bird bones snap
wide open, of hollow mouths,
full brim of sweet kisses,
distraught to be so light
against the gale
above the shining snowish patch
knowing a nothing
of their own gloriousness

some do fly inward
on meta magnificent maps
full of arteries and escapes
thick claws dragging memories
from the beginning so long time
when we were still only human,
but desperate little liars so
no one could decipher
inside of the longing

but moxie is a fate,
tomorrow a mythical bent
strumming of all whispers,
and deception, and stupid
hectic fortune.
to catch then this wind
updrafting without mercy
is the joy i can afford

is the good life we can claim.

– mar 8, 2014

a poem on purpose

(written by hand on plane, transcribed with a cacophony of frog songs all around me)

i am often now looking into beauty
wherever i am
seeing a falling down around me of cages, perhaps
some bar, some steel, something thought to hold me
or i thought it up to hold myself
through the awakening

when it is a chaos inside it helps to say
i am this
(tired) {known}
and not that
(desired) {unknown}

but in all the space i found a chaos without
a world, a familiar
an unreasonable joy
an unrealistic life
and i have decided to live it

because i don’t remember anymore when the heartbreak started
that emptiness larger than any single slight or withholding or person
but i do know this world will keep it burning and aching
twisting you and i away from any purpose
filling up the sight

i could, and i have, but
i don’t think i was put here to see the world and weep

i have full hands,
my work is to create more beauty
tho…there is enough and so much
so then, to show it, to let it be, and let it out
to conduit that love which is also always present
in this same plane, in this same little world
to notice the ways it is good to be of my species
on my planet
in this age
to remember how to love
all through these forgetting times

a complex movement

over and over again
it becomes known
the peace we seek
is seeking us
the joy a full bud
awaiting our attention
justice in our hands
longing to be practiced
the whole world
from within

this thrilling mote in the universe

internalize demands
you are the one
you are waiting for
externalize love
bind together us into
a greater self
a complex movement
a generative abundance
an embodied evolution

learn to be here
critique is a seductress
her door is always open
so what if you get some
we are going further
past reform, to wonder
this requires comprehension
that cannot fit in words

out beyond our children
beyond the end of time
there is a ceaseless cycle
a fractal of sublime
and we come to create it
to soil our hands and faces
loving loving and loving
ourselves, and all our places

– 10/25/12, detroit