when it rains, it pours

its been raining all day, which makes me so happy that i negotiated to work from home on mondays and fridays. i encourage everyone to do this, as i’ve noticed it is awesome.

yesterday i got propositioned by a sexy older man but i punked out. maybe when i’m 30. no but seriously, you know how sometimes you are so THRU with someone and you are moving on and singing kelly clarkson really loud and just two snaps in a circle so fly, and then you come across something that the someone-you’re-thru-with gave you and it still kind of smells like their neck or hair or chest or something – and you forget how fly you are and take a moment and go with the feeling?  that happened t-minus 2 seconds after the proposition. timing is everything.

however in a heroic twist of bounce, i threw the smelly item in the laundry and turned kelly up and told the propositioner to definitely ask again someday soon and i then shaved my legs for the first time since the heartbreak.  i know its post-feminist or something but i acknowledge my socialization…the smoother the frame the smoother the game ya heard?

speaking of druglords, rush limbaugh occasionally, deserves to be quoted at his most apoplectic – this is him on july 5th: I’m tired of these Democrats acting like they won the election.
Somebody needs to stand up and say, "When you win the election, you
pick the nominees. Until then, shut up! Just shut up! Just go away! Bury yourselves in your rat holes and don’t come out until you win an election. When you win an election, you can put all these socialist wackos, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, all over the court, but until then, SHUT UP! You are really irritating me."

and in the final housing update my landlady is a true hustler. this morning she called and asked to show my apt, and now she just came and said she loves me as a tenant, do i want the apt across the hall from mine, same size, same cost, more light and with an oven and she’ll fix the bathroom? just when i think i’m out she pulls me back in!!

i hope some of y’all can come out tomorrow to shoot this youth debate show pilot – we have djs, artists,  a wide spread of guests and its gonna be amazing. email keishalgreen@yahoo.com if you can be at 87 lafayette in manhattan at 5pm!

i loves my mama

last night my mama sat and told me and a few good friends the beautiful love story of my mom and dad. she remembered how he looked, how he smelled, what he wore, how they crossed paths, and how she ended up married to him 3 months after they started dating. the story was delightful and made me feel all better about how when its right, its right. race and the deep south cannot stop love. you could see everyone at the table like, spun again, on the old magic dust and zing zing and running into sunsets and yeah a person should throw themselves wholeheartedly and wildly into loving you or else don’t even check for them. go mama!! and then about having her babies – my mom was my age when she had her third and last child. she can spin such amazing stories, humble stories of her life and our lives. love that woman.

prayers for all my london folk. the g8 brought their violent outcomes with them then. such misdirected tragedy. a moment of silence…

in a far far inferior local tragedy, i found out this morning that my landlady is going to show my floormate and i’s apts right away. of course. so ny, so gutter. she’s starting to really quite upset me.

but i got a note today saying a loan has been paid off. this is impossible according to my payment schedule thus far but hey – gift horses should be ridden right? yee haw!

little people in the box

my mama is in town and took me shopping for new clothes!
when i told certain friends about this, they cheered. i am trying not to
take that too personally. anyway i got some stuff aight.

i was alerted that my blog sends alerts to everyone each time its updated
and i didn't know that so my bad. and that its an unreadable font on background match?
my bad - will try to change. sigh. blogs.

also big up to judith miller for getting arrested for not giving up
her sources. stand strong sis!

this weekend we're shooting the pilot for a new oyuth debate show - come check it out!

*please forward*

Free Speech TV is creating a youth debate show by and
for youth.

This is not your mama's boring debate show...

Young folks will gather Saturday, July 9th at 5pm to
film a remixed version of CBS Newsworld's
"CounterSpin"--complete with young panelists, young
audience members, a DJ and Live performances.

Show Name: WoRd
Show Host: Adrienne Marie Brown
Adrienne Marie Brown is the Program Director for the
League of Young Voters and the coauthor of _How to Get
Stupid White Men Out of Office_ (google her to find
out more)

Show Time: SATURDAY, JULY 9th at 5pm with an in-studio
Come be a part of our audience!  Confirm your
interest, by emailing:
keishalgreen@yahoo.com or calling 917-330-3567.

Show Topic: Social Security
Yeah, yeah... we know.  Social Security on the surface
doesn't seem like  the most interesting topic...
however, the Bush team has decided there is a Social
Security crisis and has used the media to make America
believe we're in a crisis (think: war on terror media

He's also been quoted as saying  African Americans
should agree with his proposed solution because we
have a shorter life span (huh? you ask? come check out
the show!).  As the Social Security debate
continues... many of us at Free Speech TV asked: Why
should we care?  How is this important to our lives
(35 years old and younger)?

How many young folks know what Social Security is? How
many young folks know about the current debate around
Social Security? Why should it matter to us? What are
the myths about the "supposed crisis?"  Will we have
Social Security when we retire... or is the money
really going to run out?

You'll probably be amused by our "street interviews."

Many of these questions will be answered and discussed
by young acitivists from DEMOS and Democracy NOW and
you--the audience members on this Saturday, July 9th.

Audience members will be provided with refreshments,
expereince live performances by some of the hotests NY
freestylers and poets, hear some hot beats from an
in-studio DJ, and have the opportunity to ask
questions during the show to be aired in September.

Here's the schedule:

Saturday July 9

please forward to your folks (guests, audience,
performers, etc) and get confirmations that they can
make these times.  this is all happening at DCTV,
third floor studios, 87 Lafayette in Manhattan (see


5pm: Guests and Studio Audience arrive: sound check
on set for guests; audience to rooftop/greenroom for
* who should be there: all of us!

5:45pm: Audience in places

5:50: Host and Guests in places

6:00pm: Shoot

7 - 7:30pm (?): Wrap, clear studio

8:00pm: Wrap party for producers, guests, crew:
screen rough version of pilot (refreshments provided)

More info about the pilot:

WoRd: Free Speech TV Youth Debate Show Series


Create a high quality television series modeled on CBC
Newsworld’s “CounterSpin,” created by and for
university age young adults.  WoRD will fill a
critical need for specific and general audiences who
seek a greater understanding of issues that impact
their daily lives, and practical steps they can take
toward solutions.

The series would bring the analysis, hope and energy
of an articulate and activist youth population to a
national audience.  An ongoing national television
debate platform for the nation’s diverse student-age
population would:

- Embolden next generation progressive organizers
- Present lively, intelligent public discourse from a
group traditionally under-represented in mainstream
- Connect and build solidarity between active
progressive student organizations
- Create a progressive echo-chamber on university
campuses and communities through college radio
simulcasts, transcripts in college newspapers, and
public screenings via live satellite downlink
- Engage next generation progressive television
- Capture the attention of older viewers hungry for
honest, fearless political debate

Building on the momentum of unprecedented anti-war and
electoral mobilization on campuses across the U.S.,
WoRd will work with student led organizations to
create a series that can strengthen their work.
Groups would participate by nominating topics and
spokespersons, highlighting current campaigns, and
doing on the ground outreach using college newspapers,
television and radio. 

Groups would also be encouraged to organize weekly
screenings on campus using Free Speech TV’s satellite
delivery.  Potential coalition partners include United
Students Against Sweat Shops, Student Environmental
Action Coalition, National Youth and Student Peace
Coalition, United States Student Association, Students
Transforming and Resisting Corporations, and more.

Blackout Arts Collective


not so into america today

its the 4th of july and i kind of feel like we should have a moment of silence.

so much of what gets celebrated on this day is conquering, taking, killing and not doing the right thing until the underdogs get overwhelmingly loud. then people once oppressed get a little power apparently just to oppress someone else. the american story is just the most recent iteration of the same old story.

however, when i think of the amazing things this country has created, i think its time for a top ten list of super american things i like.

10. the first season of in living color.

9. the film the corporation. can everyone please see this movie?  it was made by a canadian, but all the best material is from – you guessed it – america.

8. bbqs. the freedom to throw anything on that grill and it all tastes good, especially with my boy kevin’s magical taco dip.

7-3 all the people i like who happen to be american but in that post-nation head space.

2. my parents and, subsequently, my sisters.

1. malcolm x. his entire existence and story reminds me that sometimes a stone is created to be carved. let us all be pure stone, let’s find balance in the carving, let’s be existentialist and meta-physical and get higher and go higher.

and its not just america..check it:

How deep is your ecology? Take a sounding. Go down until you disagree,
then go back up one level.

Superficial - We should take good care of our planet, as we would any
valuable tool.

Shallow - We have a responsibility to protect Earth's resources for
our future generations.

Knee Deep - Earth would benefit from changes in human activity.

Hip Deep - The planet would be better off with fewer people on it.

Deep - Wilderness has a right to exist for its own sake.

Deeper - Wildlife has more right to live on the Earth than humans do.

Profoundly Deep - Humans are too great a threat to life on earth. The
species should be phased out.

Radically Deep - Human extinction now, or there won't be any later for
this planet. A painless extermination is needed.

Abysmally Deep - A quick annihilation is too good for humans. A
horrible, fatal illness from outer space is only fair.

and this following list amazes me because its nuts that our country’s highest court would be split on such things. for purple mountain majesty, read below:

People for the American Way
has compiled a list of 5-4 rulings in which Sandra Day O’Connor was the
decisive justice. Here are some of the 5-4 decisions that the groups
says are in danger of being overturned:

1.) Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) affirmed the right of state
colleges and universities to use affirmative action in their admissions
policies to increase educational opportunities for minorities and
promote racial diversity on campus.

2.) Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation v. EPA
(2004) said the Environmental Protection Agency could step in and take
action to reduce air pollution under the Clean Air Act when a state
conservation agency fails to act.

3.) Rush Prudential HMO, Inc. v. Moran (2002) upheld state laws
giving people the right to a second doctor’s opinion if their HMOs
tried to deny them treatment.

4.) Hunt v. Cromartie (2001) affirmed the right of state
legislators to take race into account to secure minority voting rights
in redistricting.

5.) Tennessee v. Lane (2004) upheld the constitutionality of
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and required that
courtrooms be physically accessible to the disabled.

6.) Hibbs v. Winn (2004) subjected discriminatory and unconstitutional state tax laws to review by the federal judiciary.

7.) Zadvydas v. Davis (2001) told the government it could not
indefinitely detain an immigrant who was under final order of removal
even if no other country would accept that person.

8.) Brentwood Academy v. Tennessee Secondary School Athletic
Association (2001) affirmed that civil rights laws apply to
associations regulating interscholastic sports.

9.) Lee v. Weisman (1992) continued the tradition of government
neutrality toward religion, finding that government-sponsored prayer is
unacceptable at graduations and other public school events.

10.) Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington (2003) maintained a key source of funding for legal assistance for the poor.

11.) Morse v. Republican Party of Virginia (1996) said key
anti-discrimination provisions of the Voting Rights Act apply to
political conventions that choose party candidates.

12.) Federal Election Commission v. Colorado Republican Federal
Campaign Committee (2001) upheld laws that limit political party
expenditures that are coordinated with a candidate and seek to evade
campaign contribution limits.

14.) McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (2003) upheld
most of the landmark McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, including
its ban on political parties’ use of unlimited soft money

15.) Stenberg v. Carhart (2000) overturned a state ban on so-called partial birth abortion.

16.) McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky (2005) upheld the
principle of government neutrality towards religion and ruled
unconstitutional Ten Commandments displays in several courthouses.

a colt! jeffrey wright!!

my grandfather loves, more than anything in the world: jesus, horses and dogs. he has always had all three right near him. he used to have a lot of everything, but the government took a lot of it, but he’s managed to keep those three things. recently jesus woke him up and told him to take aspirin in the morning for the first time ever, and as he was having a heart attack, the aspirin saved his life. my mother is visiting him to join her 5 brothers and sisters in taking care of the horses and dogs and grandparents. one of the horses just had a baby and my mom sent me pictures:


AND!!! last night i was kickin it with some folks over homemade margaritas by the Great George, cousin of Sofia. For some reason unknown to me i insisted we go out to Moe’s which has devolved into a scene. I was bored out of my mind – everyone just goes and looks at each other and no one dances. BUT THEN JEFFREY WRIGHT WALKED PAST – like a million men on screen and i’ve loved all of them and there was swooning, screaming, neck turning, intakes of breath…and he bopped his head to the music and tried to chill as everyone else in the spot rolled up to him. Since I usually hate famous people once I interact with them, I did not approach. He of angels, artists and activists should stay on the pedestal – he did look slightly bored the whole time and that was reassuring. Lovely. lovely jeffrey, i sing thy praises 🙂

finally my baby bryant terry is going west for the summer and i wanted to encourage y’all to go check his websites out – www.b-healthy.org and www.eatgrub.org. he and anna lappe are wrapping up work on the grub book project which is a snapshot of the movement and best food for it. bye bryant, we gonna miss you!!

lyrics that suit my current mood

I have a universe inside me
Where I can go and spirit guides me
There I can ask oh any question
I get the answers if I listen
I have a healing room inside me
The loving healers there they feed me
They make me happy with their laughter
They kiss and tell me I’m their daughter
I’m their daughter
They say
You have a little voice inside you
It doesn’t matter who you think you may be
You’re not free if you don’t know me
If you don’t know me
See I’m not the lie that lives outside you
And it doesn’t matter what
You think you believe
You’re not free if you don’t know me
If you don’t know me
See I am the universe inside you
You come to me and I will guide you
And make you happy with laughter
I joy in seeing you’re my daughter
You’re my daughter
So believe you’re not free if
You don’t know me
If you don’t know me
If you don’t know me
If you don’t know me
If you don’t know me
If you don’t know me

by sinead o connor
the only o connor i like today


oh i say hey thank you
oh i say hey thank you
oh great spirit
in this way
i long
to give my life to you
in love and devotion
in love and devotion

– from first nation tradition of praise songs, learned and sung daily in canada


as the last whisps of massage flow out of my body i want to note for the record that ny smells bad in the summer. i was nauseous as soon as i got off the plane. hot garbage in the summertime. ick. however, i am home and in a bit of a daze.

there’s nothing to snap you back to reality like bobby and whitney. i hope you all got to tune in last night to the great love story of our times as viewed through a crackpipe on bravo. it was deep, moving, sad, funny – basically a full package. i hope someday i find someone who will break out into choreographed dance with me at any given moment, in public.

justice o’connor watched it too, and was so moved she decided to just retire, leaving the wombed half of the population in a spot of dilemma. i highly recommend this being one of those times you do something. even if women having control over their own bodies isn’t your thing, there are tons of other issues out there on which a conservative justice leaves us up shit creek with no paddles or boats or granola. take action: www.now.org

did a cop shoot himself in the leg in queens and the police response was to arrest every black man in the borough? roughly, yes.

in an unrelated matter, there are ants in my house. 🙁 i don’t understand it cause there’s no food in my house. the result is the ants are walking around out of order just like me, hungry.

this is 4th of july weekend. here’s a list of things for tru patriots to do:

– drink
– go to public spaces where fireworks are going off and scream ‘bombs bursting in air’ and run off in absolute terror
– drink more

🙂 enjoy!

p.s. here’s me and my boy toki who you need to check out on MTV teaching folks to rhyme!